New Years Superstitions, Reflections and Resolutions

Well the house is clean the bills are paid and I have money in my wallet.

Did you grow-up with any of these New Years superstitions?

Well, I did, and I suppose since I spent the afternoon of December 31st, cleaning my apartment and paying my bills, it is still strongly instilled in me.

However, I am sure my house will get dirty again, new bills will arrive and my wallet will be empty.  So why do I keep doing it?  Superstition?  Habit?  Maybe it’s just the right thing to do.  Like wearing clean underwear. It’s not just in case you get into an accident, it’s because it’s hygienic.

I even did the Saint Lucia names thing this year.  Does anyone know what I am talking about?  On December 12th you take 13 boys/men names and then pick one everyday until Christmas Eve when you are left with one.  This is now the name of your love interest in the New Year. Some one help me, if this guy is to be my love interest.  But that is another blog all together.  So back to New Years Superstitions, Reflections and Resolutions.

Unfortunately, I am starting the year out without a full-time job and without a romantic partner.  So like the clean house that will eventually be dirty, the paid bills that will become unpaid and the wallet that at some point will be empty.  I know the job and partner situation will multiple times during the year.  Okay, that kind of made me sound like a slut.  J

Another branch off of the start the year out right superstition, is “what you do on the first day of the New Year, you will do all year.”

So, in that vein, I will do some activity and eat right this first day of 2011.  I won’t get into an argument.  I will study, read, write or do something of intellectual value.

Because I am sure that will mean I will have no junk food all year, I will have no arguments all year and everything I do, say or write will be Nobel Prize worthy.  Okay, so it’s ridiculous.  But that doesn’t mean I’m going to change a thing.  Superstitions.

Now for the reflection and resolution part.  I do despise the hype around this time of year.  Since I think people should reflect and resolve all year round and yet I am dragged into this year.

Maybe because I had a great year off of travel, adventure and reflection.  Maybe because I find myself entering another year of change.  One in which I may be able to continue my “Freedom 35” wish.

So in reflection I say…

…Thank you to the strangers that became friends this year.  With whom I shared adventures that will always bind us. 

…Thank you to old friends that remained friends even after my return.  And those that shared in some of the adventures and for which we have pictures that will always keep us honest with each other.  😉 

…Thank you to those people that did not welcome me back with open arms.  For, although 2010 was a year where I was adamant about making all my own decisions the biggest decision after my return and leading into 2011 was made by an unwelcoming bunch.  It was a decision I would have loved to make on my own, but may not have had the courage and am so thankful to be able to now move into 2011 with complete freedom to shape the year into what I want.  

As for resolutions…

…I resolve to continue to make friends of strangers.

…I resolve to make more memories with friends.

…I resolve to be open to every opportunity.

…I resolve to make this year as much, if not more about my body then just my mind and soul.

…I resolve to follow my heart to any adventure it can think up for me.

Now for the usual stuff: I will…

…Eat better.

…Exercise more.

…Write more.

Little tricks to keep me honest about those three…

…Every time I want to buy junk food, I will place the money I would have spent on the junk food in a jar.  At the end of the year I will donate the money. (TBD)

…I will post a link to my training schedule. (If I can figure out how)  And write stories about training and races.

…I will post more blog post and hopefully some links to real articles.  (Anyone out there needs an article).

Lastly, all these superstitions, reflections and resolutions mean very little if done only for one day.  So, I leave you all with a wish and the usual clichés (they work), make everyday the way you want it to be.  Clean slates don’t happen just once a year, but everyday.  Make everyday count.

And a special wish to all the boys I kissed during 2010. May you find lips as sweet as mine in 2011.  There I go sounding like a slut again.  :-p

Notice I did not say anything about predictions.  For that you can go to psychic Nikki. 

To a fabulous 2011!!!


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