The Better Way

Yes, I have travelled for a year enduring many a crazy form of public transportation.

Swaying double decker buses, taking narrow, mountainous curves at unimaginable speeds.
Rickety buses with no ventilation and a man puking for the entire 6 hour ride.
Hunched over in collectivos, only to find at the end of the trip that my rear end was in the face of my home stay brother.  Ugh!
Sandwiched between two nursing mothers in a mini-van.

Yet, even after all these experiences Toronto still holds my attention for the most entertaining subway rides.

I was riding the subway returning home from a gala event for ALS at the Capitol Theatre (Look out for my fab pic in the Globe & Mail), when barely after the first stop it started.

The “Big Black Mexican Queen” as she referred to herself began to yell at the guy with a mini-mohawk that innocently sat down near her, making her feel that should could no longer take over the 5 seats around her.

At first you couldn’t really tell she was directing her banter at him, until she started saying, “You aren’t a native Indian.  Why you wearing that stupid mohawk?  If you were a real native Indian you wouldn’t have sat there, so I had to move my feet.  Me the Big Black Mexican Queen.”

This went on for a couple of stops until a young, skinny guy, wearing a raccoon hat and knitting, yes, knitting a baby blue sweater got up yelling, “Shut up.  I’m native Indian!!! And I take offense to what you are saying.  You stupid #$@%.”

She went on.  He went on.  

Then she turned to me and said, “We cool.  She cool.  I like cool people.”

She started to dance and jig as I left the subway.

2 responses to “The Better Way

  1. Are you sure she reffered to herself as "the Big Black Mexican Queen"?… oh that’s a shame, bad publicity for Mexican people!.Anyway… see you soon Wanda.

  2. I know Abel, such a bad form of advertising. And I’m sure she wasn’t Mexican, ’cause she spoke a Spanish I had never heard before.See you soon? Really? Where?

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