My Favorite State is Sweaty!

Okay so I started this year off saying to myself, and quite possibly in my New Year’s blogpost, can’t quite remember it has been awhile, that this would be my “Training Year”. Humph.  Well it had a couple of rough starts.  A couple of indecisive weeks.  Hopes of running off somewhere south to jump start this year of “training”.  Pinned against great work opportunities.  Just goes to show you that bigger and better welcome mats my appear in front of the most unlikely doors.  Thus opting to remain in Toronto working on a great contract I had to figure out a way to get into shape right at home.

Unfortunately, during this time I probably raked up a good $50 dollars in junk food,  mainly chocolate and gummy candies.  But that is $50 towards starving children elsewhere.  Some good has to come out of my lack of will power.  🙂
For those of you that didn’t read or don’t recall my New Year’s blog. I said whenever I thought of eating junk food I would give that money instead to charity.  Well, it has evolved into I will eat it anyway and also give the same amount to charity.  My lack of will power is ridiculous.


Now that I am in a routine.  I love it.  I love to sweat.  It is my favorite state.  Hot and wet!
It makes me smile.  I forgot those days when I used to dance 8-10 hours a week.  Now that is back and I can’t get enough.
Not to mention that the last few guys that have picked me up all did so while I was dirty and sweaty. Weirdos!.  😀  Of course they did see me cleaned up after too.  🙂


Below are the details of what I have been doing and some tools I have been using to keep track of my training, for those interested.  Unfortunately, no weight has been lost…yet.  But I love how much stronger I feel and I love to kiss my biceps and tell people to punch my abbs.


I’ve been focusing my fitness for the last couple of months on spinning and strength training.  The strength training being gravity.  Gravity is awesome!  You lie on a thing that looks like a weight machine, but you just use your own body weight as resistance.
This is the place I go:   I spin and do gravity three times a week.


As much as I love gravity and spinning, I’m a dancer at heart and after getting completed addicted to Zumba while in Slovakia I had to find a place in Toronto to take it.  Luckily I found the best place, right near my new contract.  I go every Tuesday and Thursday night.


I also did a lot of x-country and skate skiing.  But now that spring is here, running is back on the agenda.


For more details on my training schedule or creating your own, you can go to  My profile name is WandAR.  And now this new training log showed on facebook and sends updates to facebook and twitter,


Upcoming events:
In between a couple of training races and hopefully an Adventure Race

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