From Hippity Hoppity to Hippity Hobbly

Did the Giant’s Rib Raid yesterday.…


A fabulous orienteering race.


And all I can say is I am consistent.
As I did the race 2 years ago with team “It’s this way…no this
way…” and arrived well past the course finish at 10hr and 17min.
Top teams do it in 3-4 hours. Yup, that’s right more than double. I
However, 2 years ago we did at least get a burger and won the all
female category. Since we were the only one of two female teams to get
all checkpoints and finish the race that year.


This year however, even after shaving 2 hours off the team time, we
missed out on the post race feast and party. Pooh! I heard it was


A good time though with the girls and it was a good debut for Speed
Bunnies. The irony of the name has not escaped us.


The day was gorgeous. Sunny, blue skies, a few slipper icy patches
and snow I didn’t expect, but no major falls.

Saw two beautiful, powerful dear bound pass us. I was mesmerized.
Too have that speed and grace. That’s what I love most about getting
out there.


As for the race, we were all in high spirits off the bat, with our
bunny headbands bouncing in the wind and our bunny power rings


We even bumped into the Wonderbroads (another female team) during Walk the Line. Walk the Line is a section where you have to
orienteer exactly over the line that is marked on the map, as there
are 3 points on the line but you have no idea where. Tricky buggers.
It was probably the smoothest Walk the Line I have ever experienced.


We were pretty stoked we made the 1:30p.m. cut off at CP14 with 16
mins to spare and could move on to the Gnarly Nav. We were really not
interested in a 5 hour penalty. Which is what your team would get if you didn’t get to CP14 by 1:30p.m, plus have to skip the Gnarly Nav.  We grabbed some food and thanked the wonderful volunteers and went on our way.

However, as this was only 1/2 the race and we had already done 20km of
what was said to be a 23-27km race, we knew it would be slow going for the second half, as the other girls had some prior injuries that were taking their toll.  At least the weather was great so a little or a lot longer out doors wasn’t too bad.


A testament to the great navigation skills we made the 3p.m. cut off to move on to the Dog Bone Matrix.
Since there were 3 dog bones we split it three ways.
Although I was feeling good about my trail
reading skills with the girls around, on my own was another story.
And so even looking everywhere I did not find CP F.  I was super upset
about this. It is now a huge goal of mine to get my nav on.

We may have gone from Hippity Hoppity to Hippity Hobbly after 8+hrs of trekking.  We finished the entire course with almost all our bunny ears in tact.  And smiling of course.


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