Do the Bunny Hop. Orienteering Style.

The first event of the TOC was today.


The Mob Match, with an Easter theme.  So of course 1L and I had our ears on.


I opted to do the long 8k course.  ‘Cause apparently 29k the day before wasn’t enough punishment.
Luckily Bash was there so I followed since I have no navigational skills.


Unfortunately for me,  Bash is fast!  I kept up with her for the first O-“egg hunt” and through the first 3 points of the next map.  Then she went down a hill & I lost her.  Panic!  I’m on my own.  Sure it’s just a big field.  So it’s not like I’d be lost.  I could find my way back to the start.  But I was out here to find all the point, darn it.
So I wondered, punched the wrong CP.  Families were out too.  So a couple of parents pointed me out to their kids as the bunny.  So I hopped a long with them for a bit and then turned to the mother admitting I was lost, but thought I should be heading to CP4.  She was kind enough to orientate my map and point me in the right direction.  Sweet!


I got to CP4, but it was one I had already punched.  Then a guy doing the 6k course pointed on the other side of the bridge.  Double sweet!


After that is was great.  Expect the wind really picked up, and it started to hail and then huge snowflakes began to drop.  Seriously, we had all seasons in the course of 1 hour.


I found each of the next CPs easily, until CP9.  Which I passed, but a guy told me to go back.  It’s great that people are so helpful during these events.  Last two checkpoints and home.


I know this was a total simple course, even children were doing it.  Regardless, it was pretty big deal for me, since I get lost in my own backyard.  Or Bash’s since, that is where the missing CP F from the Rib Raid last week was located.


Bash won first and a case a beer.  Now I know why she ran so hard.  Thanks for letting me tag along, as long as I could last.
1L won first in the 6k course.  Even though she said she’d be walking it.


I came in 3rd.  Seems to be the theme for the weekend.  Only in this case I think there may have been only 3 females doing the long course.  🙂


Celebrated the weekends events with a shopping spree at Running Free.


I need a sponsor or to win the lottery.  😀

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