Speed Bunnies First Adventure Race Together

Speed Bunnies went out on there first Adventure Race together. The race was put on
by Frontier Adventure Racing and held in Huntsville, Ontario.

Amazing race conditions and a great, fun post race atmosphere. Where
we could all enjoy, chat and relax after a fun day.

As for the race. It was a fun course but there were some challenges.
With ear and power bunny rings in tow we run up some great hills to
CP1. Then back down to start the paddle section.
Even though I swore to myself that no matter how hot I was I would put
my waterproofs on for the paddle, I didn’t…again. And paid the
price. We had a slow unsynchronized paddle to the CP3. With 1L
barking “Stroke” to try and synch me, the monkey in the middle, up.
Then we were told we didn’t make the cut-off for the advanced paddle.
I didn’t want to do it anyway as I was chattering fiercely at this
point. However, I was upset because we were actually within the 1 hr
15min cut-off. Having started the race at 10:04, we had until 11:19.
We left the CP3 paddle at 11:17. 2 Minutes.

So we paddled back. Finally in a great groove and passed atleast 4
teams that made the advanced paddle cut-off. Umph!

Then on the bikes. Fun road ride to close to Dyer Memorial, where
Amber and I switched into trek shoes. 1L didn’t, which was bad as the
distances were further than she originally thought.
CP6 was a fun hike through the forest along the river, on a nutty of f
camber trail. Lots of scrambling.
Fabulous cooling swamp wade after CP7 to get back to the bikes. I had
mine and 1L pack and tried to keep them dry, but that was pointless as I took a
wrong step and ended up over my waste deep n swampy water. At least I didn’t loose the SI
and passport or my bunny ears.
On the way I thought I had lost the passport. Panicked, I ran back, then
opened another zipper in the pack and found it. Phew!

Now a bike to CP8. This was a combo of muddy ATV and some sand.
Twice I pulled my bike out the thick mud, expecting the tires to ripe
of the frame. It was great. Because in those spots where it was so
thick, when you go stuck you wouldn’t fall over. It would hold you

There was also one really fun sandpit section. That made the guy
behind me laugh out loud as I fishtailed one way, then the other, then
back, finally evening out. He was entertained and impressed I stayed on.
I was too. 🙂
We got to CP8 6 minutes before the 3p.m. advanced trek cut-off. As
they said we could go on, I hollered, “Great! ‘Cause I didn’t carry
these trek shoes for nothing.” PhatChicks were there and laughed at

As we started on the bikes to CP9 we saw a number of teams turning
back. Bugs in Teeth was one of them. So I asked Rob what was up. He
said, it was too much they were turning back.

We decided to see for yourselves. The girls had an alternate route
they believed would be less steep over all. It was muddy and
hilly but totally bikable. However, 1L was struggling and soon the
bikes were being pushed. We assessed the pace and decided to turn it
around. We all really wanted at least to make it to CP9. But there was
no way we’d be back in time. It was the best choice to turn back for
sure. It cost us a 35 minutes though.

Biking past to CP8, I announced to the wonderful volunteers, “Who are
we kidding we are not that advanced. We are heading in.”
They understood.

So lots of hilly, gravelly road to bike back. I was super impressed that I climbed
every hill and really accelerated over each hill.

We were flying up and down the hills.

On the last hill 1L’s chain got stuck, though. We tried to unstick it, but
couldn’t. I gave 1L my bike to ride up the hill while I ran her bike
up. At the top we did a switch, to let 1L coast down. As there was
no way I could ride a 29er and she felt like a circus bear (her words
not mine) on my small women’s specific specialized.
We all came in fast and strong.
Grabbed some food and started on the last 3 trek checkpoints.

Getting to CP10 was a gong show. But we felt better as we found more
teams in the same boat. Lost a good 30 minutes here.

Last two CPs were snaps than to the finish.

3 hopping bunnies to the finish line, about 20 minutes after the
close. Darn it. But in time for dinner.

Fab food after. I ate so much. Good atmostphere, music and company.

Made a big bunny cookie for all to share in the spirit of Speed
Bunnies and got some prizes for our costumes, equipped with a poem (see photo below).

Some of us may have even gone for a polar dip. 🙂


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