Ups & Downs: New Years Day Traditions

The ringing in the new year is often if not always accompanied with reflections of the past year as well as traditions, rituals and superstitions that people feel compelled to uphold.  They can often feel as funny as not shaving your beard off during the playoffs.

They may not make a difference.  But it’s habit or tradition and if it makes you happy I say DO IT!!!

So on that note what do you do on the first day of a new year to ensure the new year is top notch?

I’ll start you off…

..Growing up Slovak (Czechoslovakian actually, as I have parents from both sides) you had to have all your laundry done, the house clean, all your bills paid and money in the bank before midnight.  I got that covered.  Well…the house could always be cleaner.  And although the laundry was done, it may not ALL have been put away. As an ex-boyfriend said to me once as I folded his laundry, “The laundry isn’t done until you put it away.”  I DID say EX-boyfriend after all.  🙂

The first day of the new year is then free to just enjoy, be with family and friends eating the best food and enjoy good times.

So what is good food? Whatever you like.

For some Scandinavian countries it’s pickled herring.  Often I would have beef stroganof or take out Chinese.  Something about the first fortune cookie of a new year. 🙂

Some other examples: New Years Day Good Luck Food

But let’s move on to more important new years traditions. Those upheld by athlete hobbyists.  Do you do a particular work out to get you off on the right foot?

There are many midnite runs to get you off on the right foot


Polar bear dips

I like to do hill repeats.  I feel that the up and down symbolizes the year to come.  It will be tough to get to the top of some goals.  Yet worth it.  Going down can actually be exhilarating.  However, any ultrarunner will tell you that down hill running can hurt way more than the longest, steepest climb.  So pace yourselves people and enjoy the ride…Up and Down!!!



Happy 2016!  Do what you love today in the hopes that you will be lucky enough to do it the whole year through in health and with the ones you hold dear and a few new people along the way.

Share your traditions.



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