Who needs a Compass

I have participated in many orienteering events, such as those hosted by; Don’t Get LostWilderness TraverseRaid Pulse, Storm the Trent the list goes.

However, in all of these cases my compass is firmly tucked away or hanging off my thumb or around my neck like an accessory.  While my very competent navigator takes charge getting it us from check point to check point.

Likely, the Toronto Orienteering Club & Don’t Get Lost put on events in local parks where one can practice their skills.  Since they are in close proximity to rural areas (if not right in them), it allows even the most navigationally challenge to have fun without the fear of being lost in the woods Blair Witch style.  These are also great for families and kids.  I took my brother and nephews do one last year and they had a blast.

This year the TOC Mob Match was in Sunnybrook Park on April 17th.  I was 75% committed to going when I got a message from my friends April and Melanie (two fabulous ultra runners) saying that they were going to try it out.  My 75% commitment quickly turned to 100%.  It would be their first orienteering event.  However, being runners they are very familiar with all the parks in the city.

We choose to stick together.  Because it’s always more fun with friends and as April pointed out allows us to take better instagram photos.  😀

It was a fabulous, sunny day in the park.  For the full details from the perspective of a first timer check out Melanie’s report at Runs of Anarchy.

We had a few flubs.  Ran a lot of hills.  Didn’t get as many points as expected.  But we all got at least one scratch so we believe we fulfilled the adventure quote.

We even went back for more adventure, flag finding and leg scratches tonight (April 20th) in High Park as TOC launches it’s Wednesday Night Park Series.

Check out where we’ll be next Wednesday and join us.  Bring your friends and the kids, they’ll love it.  You don’t even need a compass.  2016-04-17 09.40.482016-04-17 09.40.00




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