2017 the year of….ART, TAR or RAT

The last couple years I have forgone the traditional resolutions, replacing them with themes or reminders to hold close during the year to come.
Typically consisting of 3 words.
These words in the past would come to me in the weeks leading up to the new year. In reflectong on the closing year. This year I had none of that and today I wondered if anything would surface. And truly resigned myself that it would not. That I’d be even more of an open book then usual in the year to come.
However, as the day has progressed “themes” have come forward. Leaving me with these 3 reminders:
Action, Respect, Trust.

To take action to make what I want happen with less reservation and doubt.
To not be influenced by others actions.

Myself and others.

Myself and others.

The acronym for 2017 is ART or I guess I could say RAT or TAR. We’ll see how the year unfolds to find out. 😉

Good things to all in 2017!


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